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Urgent News for Private Landlords…ACTION REQUIRED!

Immigration Bill 2014

The aim of the Immigration Bill is to prevent those with no legal right to live in the UK from accessing private housing.
It will introduce financial penalties (£3000>) to landlords AND AGENTS who rent to illegal immigrants having failed to comply with the checking requirement.

Any landlords that are not in receipt of an acceptable proof of Legal Residency from current tenants or new tenants going forward will face financial penalties and Immigration will have a new power of eviction.

What does this mean for the landlord?

Ultimately any rental yield will be wiped out having digested any penalties and you will be left with a vacant property.

What does this mean for an illegal immigrant?

You will be evicted from your rental property via a mediated and accelerated eviction process.

I am a landlord – What shall I do?

Contact Let Me Lettings today. We can ensure that any current tenancies are compliant with the new regulations set up by this Bill by coordinating new tenancy agreements. Together with our referencing partner UKTENANTDATA, we have the software to enable us to identify the correct documentation dependent on your tenants residential status.
Any new tenancies completed by Let Me will be GUARANTEED compliant and Let Me will absorb all responsibility for this Bill.